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8 reasons why you should visit Santorini

One of the most beautiful and famous islands of the world, Santorini is a holiday destination that  nobody should miss and visit it at least once.

If you are still not sure whether you should visit Santorini or not, we will give a few reasons why you should visit this majestic island.

The Best Sunset in the World

Santorini is truly famous for its beautiful sunsets!

The sun seems to drop into the sea and the sky reflects golden colors and bright shine. Travelers from all over the world visit Santorini to experience this extraordinary natural spectacle.

Situated at the north side of the island and built on top of the impressive cliffs, the village of Oia is the most popular among all the villages in Santorini for its stunning sunset views.

It is busy around the evening time, in every part and picturesque alley, while a lot of excursion boats sail across Caldera, surrounding the village to capture the supreme sunset from a different perspective. Moreover, the villages at the southeastern side of the island, Akrotiri and Pyrgos offer equally splendid sunset views while being less crowded and quieter.

The Volcanic Beaches

Due to their volcanic origins the beaches of Santorini are distinguished by unique features and extraordinary surroundings. Characterized by many different colors, the most popular beaches of the island are entirely different to each other. Along with the crystal-clear waters and the splendid views to Aegean Sea, most of Santorini beaches are organized with leisure and touristic facilities.

Kamari Black Beach is the most organized beach with a vivid nightlife and has a special cosmopolitan reputation. The main promenade of the area is full of fine restaurants, traditional tavernas, bars and water sport facilities.

Equally beautiful beaches Monolithos, Perissa and Perivolos located at the east coastal side, are also originated by the volcanic nature of the island and are organized with restaurants, shops, various water sports, umbrellas and sunbeds.

Arguably the most impressive beach is the Red Beach at the western side of the island, near Akrotiri Village.  The Red Beach is covered by pebbled sand. It features different shades of red colors and is distinguished by its impressive cliffs and breathtaking views to Aegean Sea.

Affordable Budget

The accommodation options of the island can cover every taste, need and budget and offer the dreamiest atmosphere and extraordinary holiday experiences. Santorini owns an abundance of beautiful hotels and villas as well as luxurious hospitality chains with great amenities and services.

Among the best hotels in Cyclades, Santorini provides luxurious accommodation with panoramic views to Aegean Sea, to famous Volcano and to the other neighboring volcanic islets. The sunset village of Oia is orientated to a high-end clientele, while the accommodations at the east side of Santorini offer affordable options for those who want to enjoy holidays close to volcanic sandy beaches and experience alternative leisure activities.  The Cosmopolitan Village of Kamari hosts Cotemporary Deluxe Adults Only Hotels, Fine Seaside Resorts and Small Boutique Hotels that offer equally affordable luxury living and romantic vacations.

 Santorini Restaurants

The restaurants in Santorini vary and are distinguished for their location, style and their creative Mediterranean cuisine. Fine dining restaurants are located at the edge of the cliffs featuring an amazing view to Caldera and serve delicious gourmet dishes. Most of the luxurious hotels and restaurants provide romantic settings and interpreter the Greek cuisine with cotemporary creations.

Traditional restaurants and tavernas in the picturesque streets, are also perfectly located and offer romantic evenings and a cozy atmosphere. The restaurants set in front of the promenades of the volcanic beaches and especially in the cosmopolitan village of Kamari are very popular and definitely suggested for their idyllic beach location and their traditional cuisine.


Breathtaking views, outstanding sceneries, colorful volcanic beaches and the traditional white washed houses compose the most fascinating landscape for photo shooting and for travelers who want to capture the supreme sunset by taking photos from every picturesque alley. The village of Oia, the most famous village for the best sunset all over the world. It adorns the north part of the island like a golden beehive and is the icon that is found in every postcard and island’s pictures.

Santorini Sights and Activities

Santorini is mostly advertised as the perfect romantic and honeymoon holiday destination. Furthermore, Santorini and its famous volcanic beaches provide leisure facilities, water sport centers and courts. Perissa and Kamari are the two main centers for extreme water sports and many recreational activities.

Organized scuba diving tours and diving sessions in the depths of the volcanic beaches are definitely some very enjoyable activities to experience in Santorini. While their morphology creates the perfect conditions for skilled surfers to enjoy windsurfing.

Sailing trips across Caldera and the neighboring islets of Santorini combine volcano hiking tours and fascinate every tourist who would like to enjoy the real experience of the Aegean.

Caldera & Sunset Cruises

Sailing around the island is the best way to explore the scenic wonders of Santorini.

Organized tours cover all the major highlights of Santorini, the famous Volcano and Hot Springs, the small neighboring islets, the volcanic beaches and of course the sunset. Exceptional traditional cruises offer an unforgettable experience and charm the visitors admiring the picturesque landscape and imposing views. The daily cruises usually include a visit to the Volcano for hiking and to the Hot Springs for swimming and their final destination are the small islets for exploration.

The evening cruises sail across Caldera and visit the picturesque village of Oia for the sunset view. Many vessels anchor near the village and watch the perfect spectacle from a different angle.


 Honeymoon & Romance

Santorini is the best romantic holiday destination all over the world.

Luxury whitewashed houses perched on caldera cliffs with extraordinary views to Aegean Sea, mesmerizing sunrises and sunsets and a wide range of romantic activities are some reasons why this volcanic island is so popular.

The cosmopolitan style of the island and the luxury hotels with their great services and amenities along with the extraordinary picturesque landscapes compose an idyllic fairy-tale ambience that honeymooners love. However, the eastern traditional villages of the island are also popular for their attractive locations and offer equally romantic places and relaxing moments on the sparkling black beaches.

The promenade of Kamari Village with its restaurants and bars offer an ultimate alfresco beachside experience and exceptional dinning options. Horse riding along the volcanic coastline is an alternative carefree experience that many couples chose, during their stay in Santorini. In order to enjoy private walks and admire the natural landscape.

This scenic destination offers many dreamy experiences that will guarantee an unforgettable honeymoon journey.

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