Best Excursions to do while in Santorini

Taking a tour in Santorini is truly one of the best ways to explore the island. From volcano to wine tours, there is really a variety to choose from.

We provide you with some tours and excursions ideas, that are definitely worth your time and should consider doing while in Santorini!

Santorini Volcano Tours

The local bureaus in this volcanic island provide many different excursions you can experience during your stay in Santorini. The day trips offer you the opportunity to visit the famous Volcano the Hot Springs and the other small neighboring islands just in a few hours. The traditional excursion boats sail across caldera, visiting all the main attractions and landmarks of the island combining organized tours with multilingual guides. The daily cruises usually include a visit to the Volcano for hiking and to the Hot Springs for swimming and their final destination are the small islets for exploration.

Beach Tours

The beach exploration tours are among the most popular experiences you might book. Santorini beaches are so unique due to their formation and colors, created by the volcanic eruption. Black, Red and White coastlines create amazing beaches and extraordinary views to the Aegean Sea.

Sailiting & Catamaran Excursions

Sailing and catamaran boats offer organized excursions starting from Vlychada port. Setting sail across Caldera they reach the Volcano and Hot Springs, the Indian rocks and the isolated lighthouse of Akrotiri with the last stop the popular village of Oia for watching the Sunset.

Wine & Food Tours

Santorini is considered to be a famous gastronomic and culinary travel destination renowned for its Greek wines and local products. The uniqueness of the Greek varieties and their dynamic presence, are gaining steadily the preference of the wine lovers all over the world. Wine tasting tours cover the most distinctive wineries and vineyards, learning about the history of the wine production and its tradition.

*Note that it would best to reserve your book in advance, especially if you are visiting Santorini during high season.

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